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Why Hire A Family Lawyer To Handle A High-Conflict Divorce

Divorces can be messy, turbulent, and life-changing aspects of your personal life; high-conflict ones are the messiest. Divorces are fraught with negative emotions, ranging from heartbreak and jealousy to anger and grief, while each spouse deals with the impending separation.

Things become even more complicated when children, valuables, and assets enter the picture. The question of custody and ownership can be hotly debated and argued in court, with outcomes at times unsatisfactory to either or both parties. And in these emotionally charged situations, coming to an amicable or fair outcome can be extremely difficult. When your emotions run hot, making measured, logical choices that would be in your best interests can be challenging.

As such, retaining an experienced family lawyer can be invaluable to help you get the optimal outcomes for yourself during these difficult times. Making the choice of hiring an attorney can be difficult, but it can turn out to be worthwhile in many instances.

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable family lawyer in the Fish Hawk, FL area, please consider us at the Law Office of Shamika T. Askew. We have plenty of experience handling divorce cases of any scope or temperament. If you’re still undecided, we’ve compiled some pros of hiring a family lawyer to handle your divorce so you can assess if it makes sense for you.


  1. They are 100% on your side

Regardless of who is right or wrong in a divorce, or how your friends and family may judge you, you can be assured knowing that your attorney will always be on your side and only look out for your best interests. A good divorce attorney will provide specific legal advice and always work to ensure you make the best decisions for your future.


  1. They provide objective advice

Your attorney will be a mediating force during the proceedings, ensuring that no matter how emotionally charged a discussion or negotiation is, they will have the state of mind to help you make logical, sound decisions regardless of how stressful a situation is.


  1. They will help navigate the legal aspect

Divorce proceedings are well structured and follow a standard format regarding the documents that need to be filed, deadlines to meet, and court appearances that need to be followed. An attorney can help you fill in the requisite documents, ensure they are filed, and track all court dates on your behalf. They will also provide sound legal advice, using their experience and education to clearly explain your options under the law and how any court orders may apply to you.

  1. They will help manage communication

High-charged divorce cases can sometimes become aggravated by the emotional discourse and outbursts between spouses. An attorney can serve as a buffer between you and your spouse to help ensure clear, emotionless communication. This may be with your spouse’s attorney or directly with them, whichever the case may be. This will help shield you from making rash decisions or mistakes during a heated exchange.


  1. They will help you negotiate

Should you have to argue for custody of children, have to divide assets, or negotiate alimony, your attorney will help prepare your case, present it compellingly and win you the best possible outcome for your needs. While nothing can be guaranteed, any good attorney knows how to build a case supporting your claims while minimizing the points the opposing attorney puts forth.


  1. They can provide emotional support

While not part of their job description, your attorney is likely the only other person in court with you fighting for your rights. Good attorneys know that divorces can be stressful, difficult times in their client’s life. They can empathize and provide a sympathetic ear to help you navigate the complex, emotional experience that is a divorce.


  1. They can work with other professionals

Sometimes you may be required to work with professionals in other domains, such as financial advisors or child psychologists. In many cases, you can entrust your attorney to coordinate between them and yourself, so your involvement will be kept to the absolute minimum.



As you can see, there are several benefits to working with a family attorney in highly charged divorce proceedings. They always look out for your best interests and, with their experience, can secure you the most favorable outcome possible. If the above benefits sound good to you and you are in the Fish Hawk, FL area, consider contacting us, the Law Office Of Shamika T. Askew. We have experience handling difficult divorce and family-related cases so feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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