Family Law Attorney Aiding In Post-Decision Modifications

Post-Modifications are a request to review a significant change in the petitioner’s life that will have an effect on a current court order for child support, child custody or visitation, and/or spousal support. In most instances, the request is to lower monetary requirements or alter the time-sharing schedule. Post-modifications are filed after a divorce or following the finalized court decision establishing a support or visitation order.

Life happens, and things can change, especially following a divorce. Sometimes, the agreed terms laid out at the time of divorce may no longer hold in later years. If you have undergone significant lifestyle change and are looking for modifications to your divorce judgment in relation to child support, spousal support, and/or child custody, then feel free to contact us and let us be of service to you.

Changes That Can Result In A Post-Judgement Modification

Modifications may be made to a court order if there is a significant change in circumstance. Either party involved in the divorce or court order may have a need for a post-Judgement modification. Significant changes that may result in a post-judgment modification include:

  • A parent relocates out of state
  • Loss of job by either party
  • New employment or promotion
  • Increase or decrease in the child’s needs
  • Either spouse remarries or is in a supporting relationship with a non-relative
  • Deterioration of physical or mental condition of a parent
  • Suspected or confirmed child abuse, neglect, or abandonment
  • Suspected or confirmed parental substance abuse or involvement in an abusive relationship
  • Either party is convicted of crime

Special Rules For Relocation Modifications

There are more stringent requirements for parents who may want to relocate themselves and their child. They must meet specific requirements and show proof that the relocation is in the best interest of the child and that the move will in no way affect the relationship of the child with their other parent. We offer modification services to clients who want to relocate, and we also offer services to clients who wish to prevent relocation.

Compassionate Family Law and Post Modification Attorneys In Tampa and Brandon

If any of the above or similar scenarios apply to your case, contact the The Law Office of Shamika to begin working on an appropriate modification to your child support, child custody or time-sharing agreement, or your spousal support order. We work diligently for our clients and their families to help ensure the best outcome for all parties involved while maintaining the best interests of the child or children.