Child and juvenile dependency cases can be invoked if there is the evidence that the child or children are exposed to varying forms of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or other harmful situations. This process temporarily revokes parental rights and either assigns it to the state or a relative of the child. The parent(s) of the child will be required to meet certain requirements before parental rights are reestablished. If the parent fails to meet the requirements, the parent loses their legal custody of the child and either the state or relative gains permanent legal custody.

Importance of Seeking Private Counsel in a Dependency Case

In Florida, a state appointed attorney is provided to parents during a dependency case if the parent meets the income standard; however, these court appointed attorneys typically handle large caseloads whereas a private attorney can dedicate more time to your specific case.

It is important to have an attorney with you during the dependency process to ensure you fully grasp the situation and the requirements being laid upon your shoulders in order to regain custody of your child(ren).

In addition, the dependency case process moves quickly, and you have limited time to respond to and prepare for any DCF action.

For Relatives Seeking Custody Of Child

Although an attorney is not required on your part during the majority of the process, seeking legal advice can help you understand the court process as well as at what point having an attorney is ideal for your specific case. Knowing what to expect and what is expected of you can be reassuring to learn and help you to avoid any legal complications or delays in obtaining temporary or even permanent custody of the children involved.

Caring Brandon Dependency Attorney Helping Families Stay Together

Family Law and family legal matters are a primary practice area of the The Law Office of Shamika. We strive to help our local Brandon community and surrounding areas to meet the requirements set forth by the juvenile courts in a dependency case in order to provide the best outcome for both the parents and the children involved.

Having a private dependency attorney guide you through the different hearings, arraignments, and many steps of the dependency process will help keep you well-informed and provide you an advantage in staying on top of your responsibilities during the dependency case process.