Why do you need a child custody attorney in Brandon, FL?

Finding yourself in the middle of a divorce can be complicated and confusing. When there is a child or number of children stuck in a separation, it makes the divorce even complicated. Child custody is one of the most challenging parts of a divorce. Several factors, such as safety, wellbeing, and security of the child, will be considered when it comes to a child custody case in Brandon, FL. It is highly advisable to look for legal advice and assistance from an experienced child custody attorney Brandon FL in a complicated situation like this.

According to Florida Law, terms “physical custody” and “legal custody” were replaced with “time-sharing” and “parental responsibility.” During time-sharing, Florida courts want both parents to have continuing relationships with the child. Under Florida law, parental responsibility decides how important decisions in the child, such as education, medical, and religious needs, will be made on behalf of the child. No matter which category you fall, at the Law Office of Shamika T. Askew, as your most trustworthy child custody attorney Brandon FL, we will make sure to provide all legal support related to family law.

A divorce will be a massive burden to the children as well. Child custody battles between parents’ impact children psychologically, and some may even continue having strange behaviors in rest of their lives due to their traumatic experiences. With experience handling various complicated family law matters, we understand how sensitive it comes to child custody. Our goal is to make the family law process as stress-free as possible by acting as a supportive guide and a passionate child custody attorney Brandon FL.

Why should the Law Office of Shamika T. Askew be trusted for child custody cases in Brandon, FL?

The goal of the divorce proceeding is to create an equitable and legally backed settlement out of court where both parties come to an agreement at the end. But most of the divorce cases which involved with children are becoming complicated and will require court hearings to resolve. When this happens, you will need an experienced child custody attorney to defend your interests.

Law Office of Shamika T. Askew is a full-service law firm serving clients throughout Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas in the United States.  One of our key specialties is that we consider all our clients as top priorities, no matter which service they required from us.  We have a team of well experienced legal representatives, and each client gets a designated legal attorney on each case. Our goal is to maintain a reputation among our clients and the community by consistently providing a high-quality legal representation. Our child custody attorneys in Brandon, FL, always will passionately advocate for your rights and interests throughout your family law case.

Without proper legal consultation, you could lose custody of your child, end up paying far more than you can afford for spousal support, or lose your most important assets which could make a negative impact on your financial future.  At the law Office of Shamika T. Askew, our best child custody attorneys in Brandon, FL, will offer their best to help you resolve your family law matters to your satisfaction.

At the Law Office of Shamika T. Askew, we understand how divorce can be painful for everyone. Especially in a child custody battle, many clients go through emotional breakdowns. Our well-trained attorneys who are specialized in child custody cases are willing to go beyond their capacities and walk with our clients through every step of their family legal matters genuinely. Our passion is to help families through their most difficult legal challenges and support them in finding the most favorable solutions which are right for them. Call us at 813-502-5520 or contact us online to determine why Shamika T. Askew’s Law Office is trusted as a child custody attorney in Brandon, FL.