We provide adoption assistance and legal services to prospective adoptive parents and pregnant mothers who are considering giving their child up for adoption.

Our adoption legal services include:

  • Matching birth mothers with loving and responsible adoptive parents.
  • Creating well-structured adoption plans.
  • Supplying birth mothers with profile information of adoptive parents; and adoptive parents, that of the birth mother.
  • Introducing the newborn child to the adoptive parents.
  • Completing the adoption process when the birth parents or the adoptive parents live in a state other than Florida.
  • Rendering all necessary and vital legal services to finalize the adoption process and terminate the parental rights of the birth parents.

We can help you with the different types of adoption in Florida such as:

Florida Open Adoptions: Open adoptions allow the adoptive parents, birth parents, and child to maintain open communication and exchange vital information (i.e.  family medical issues) and other information as the child grows up. This allows the birth parents to maintain some form of relationship with the child.

Florida Close Adoptions: This option prevents any form of communication once the child has been adopted. This typically means the adoptive parents do not know who the birth parents are, and the adoption paperwork is sealed, meaning the information regarding the adoption or either party involved cannot be accessed. Exceptions to this include “opening” the sealed adoption file by court order or through completion of a specific process to request information from the file – typically by the adopted child, the birth parents, adoptive parents, or family members.

Stepparent Adoptions: For stepparents to consider the adoption of a stepchild, there has to be a blossoming bond, connection, and love with the child. We can help you with all matters that revolve around stepparent adoption, including finalizing the adoption without the permission of the non-custodial biological parent. A step-parent adoption makes you the legal parent of the child and that you accept all legal responsibility as if the child was born to you.

Grandparent And Relative Adoption: Grandparents or close relatives can also consider gaining legal custody and responsibility of a child through adoption. We can assist any family member, such as aunts, adult siblings, or grandparents with their adoption needs. Grandparents or close relatives usually find themselves adopting a child when the biological parents of the child are unable to adequately provide for the child, there are documented incidences of abuse or parental substance abuse, the biological parents are minors themselves (teen pregnancy), or there was a death of one or both of the parents.

The Storay Advocacy Group and Legal Adoptions in Brandon and Tampa

Our primary goal is to create a successful adoption process and create a loving bond between the adopted child and parents. We can provide legal advice, aid in filing paperwork, and help families at any point during the adoption process. We offer affordable adoptions legal services – flat rates and reasonable retainer fees are the foundation of our promise to our Brandon Community. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options for adoption.