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8 tips to keep in mind in a custody battle

A custody battle is never easy. It can be challenging if you’re a mom trying to get full custody of your children after a divorce or separation. But even if you’re not in that situation, knowing how the law works can still help you get what’s best for your family. At The Law Office of Shamika, we’ve prepared some essential things to keep in mind:

Make sure any agreements you make with your child’s other parents are reasonable and fair.

If you agree with your child’s other parent, be sure it is in the child’s best interest. Make sure both parents are on board with the agreement. If one parent feels they have been taken advantage of or have lost out on a significant amount of time with their children, this can cause tension between parents that may affect future custody arrangements.

Ensure any agreements made during a custody battle are fair for both parents and the child. Suppose one party agrees to give up too much time or resources. In that case, they may resent their ex-partner if they need more help than initially agreed upon later. 

Keep your child’s health in mind

In a custody battle, you want to be sure that your child is in good health. Many parents are so focused on winning the case that they forget to look after their children. You should make sure that:

  • They eat well and get enough sleep
  • They exercise when appropriate (for example, if they attend a school or participate in sports)
  • They are getting the proper medical care

Don’t assume that the court will see things the way you do

Even if you are convinced that the court will rule in your favor, don’t assume they will see things the way you do. A judge must listen to both sides before reaching a decision, which means that your custody battle lawyer will have to present evidence and make arguments on your behalf. But a good lawyer can do anything when the court has already decided what should happen to your children.

Don’t be surprised if it seems like no matter what happens, there is no good outcome for anyone involved. You may lose custody of your kids one week and regain them three months later, only to spend those three months in an endless cycle of legal battles over whose home should become theirs next year! Things get incredibly frustrating when a parent wants sole physical custody but gets none simply because they were too confident in their case.

Don’t assume you’re at a disadvantage just because you’re a mother

Because men are more likely to earn more money and hold power in the workplace, it can be easy to assume that they’re at an advantage in a custody battle. However, this is not always the case. There’s evidence that courts favor mothers when determining custody because they are typically considered better caretakers than fathers. 

They’re also more likely to want shared parenting after divorce instead of sole custody to avoid any potential feelings of abandonment between mother and child during visitation periods with dad or stepfathers/stepmoms after separation/divorce occurs between them. This might make them feel like they’ve been replaced while their ex-partners move on with new spouses who provide stability & comfort during such tumultuous times, which may cause constant fighting between former spouses since neither side wants their kids living separately under anyone else’s roof but theirs!

Don’t underestimate the loyalty that children often feel toward an absent parent

Children are often inclined to side with their absent parent, especially when they aren’t as familiar with the other parent. This can happen because kids are afraid of being punished for taking the side of their missing parent. Children naturally tend to side with adults who are absent in their lives.

Regardless, it is essential to realize that children may be easily manipulated by an absent parent and should be prepared for this possibility when testifying or giving statements about which parent was responsible for abuse or neglect.

Treat your kids as allies, not pawns

Your child is not a chess piece. Even if you know that your children are loyal to you, remind yourself that they have two parents and deserve respect. This is especially crucial when things get tense between you and your ex-partner. It’s essential for co-parenting that both parties take responsibility for maintaining a civil relationship at all times, even when dealing with conflict over custody issues.

Hire an experienced Family Law Attorney

Custody battles can be one of the most challenging and stressful things to go through. An attorney is your best bet for success when you need legal guidance.

An experienced family law lawyer will know how to exactly handle this situation like it was their own because they have been there before – which means no costly mistakes or regrets down the road if only contacted sooner.

The custody battle is an arduous and often uphill struggle for parents fighting to get their children. For example, being awarded 100% full custody is highly unlikely. In most cases, only about 5% of all custodial arrangements come with such an option (even then, it’s possible). So before you start this process based on false beliefs or unrealistic expectations like thinking women have easier times getting what they want from courts when having realistic hope will benefit your case more than anything else!

A good agreement is vital for everyone involved in a custody battle

In the midst of a custody battle, it’s essential to remember that a good agreement is beneficial for everyone involved. A fair and equitable custody agreement can help reduce conflict within your family, making things easier for everyone when it comes time to raise your children together.


Don’t get lost in the details, or you may lose sight of why you’re fighting for custody in the first place. Remember that your children deserve a fair and equitable arrangement that works for their best interests and, hopefully, yours. If you can make it through this process without making enemies out of each other (or worse), then there’s no reason why your kids shouldn’t benefit from having two parents who care about them deeply. If you want further information or contact a family lawyer, don’t hesitate to call The Law Office of Shamika T. Askew today.

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